Berlin Daytime Activities

The best choice of Berlin activities from Paintball via Dragon Boat Racing to Trabant City Tours.

Outdoor Paintball

Don't lose focus when paintballing during your stag weekend
The more people for the stag weekend, the better
One of many indoor paintball facilities in Berlin
Beauty on paintball playgrounds

Various paintball fields in Berlin are available for you to get your game started. With our packages you play as long as you have a bullet for the next shot.

Send the groom off in style with a frenzy of paintball bullets hitting the mask of your friend-opponent, ideally in a not-that-much-fair scenario like the 'Stag Hunt'.


Indoor Go Karting

Competitive go kart race is waiting for you on the stag weekend in Berlin
Who will finish first?
Are you better driver than your friends? Find out during your stag party
Go karting indoor area in Berlin

There's nothing quite like a bit of head-to-head rivalry with your mates.Take an action in a long, hard, competitive go kart race.

Are you going to be the next Michael Schumacher? Get ready and find out. Forget about speed limit and points on your driver's license and pump it up with your friends. The fun is guaranteed!


German Meal & Beers

Drink draft beer in restaurant Maximilian's during your stag weekend in Berlin
Interiors of restaurant Maximilian's in Berlin
Delicious German meal is ideal for your stag party in Berlin
Pretty girls and beer can't miss during your stag weekend in Berlin

Is food the reason why you are coming to Germany? Then welcome to Bavarian feast! The Germans really know what is good and they becomingly present it. In a typical German restaurant you can enjoy a traditional dinner with a company of your friends to the fullest.


Private Boat Cruise

Take a break during your stag party and chill out on rent motorboat
Lake Muuggelsee is perfect if you want to rent a motorboat for stag party
Welcome to docks and rent motor boat
Stag weekend in Germany? - Motorboat rental on the lake Muggelsee in Berlin

Do you wanna get some adrenaline and feel the wind in the hair? Renting a motorboat is one of the best ways how to have fun on a stag weekend. And where else it would be better than on the river Spree in Berlin. And what is most important - all drinks and beers are included.


Spa Pools & Sauna

Take a rest in centrally located Spa with pools and saunas

There's no better way how to cure your hangover than a nice relaxation in Spa. Enjoy 4 hours full of luxurious treatments in Wellness resort with indoor and outdoor pools, saunas and bar area right in the city centre of Berlin.

Every hard stag night requires a bit of refreshment so prepare your body for another kick off!


Football 5-a-side

Fulfill your group with energy on the field

Take your buddies on the field and join little bit of wholesome competition to your weekend. We provide you a hired 5-a-side football pitch in city centre where you can show an enthusiasm of a true football fan in action.

Raise the team spirit of your stag group and enjoy fantastic time!



Prepare for a unique atmosphere and great fun in Berlin bowling venue

Ten pin bowling is a perfect game for your laidback afternoon. Little bit old school, but tailor-made sport combining fun and drinking. If you will free to add more action, the venue is offering more games like snooker tables and darts.

Just drink beer and chill with mates in friendly competition before you hit the town.


Sexy Maid Wake Up Service

Prepare for a hot morning in your hotel room with sexy maid

What better way to start your day than a wake up by a sexy maid in your hotel room! Make an unforgettable surprise for your stag with beautiful stripper, who will show up at your apartment and perform a hot show to treat your group.

A nice clean start to your Berlin stag weekend you will appreciate!


Shooting Fest HK SL8 Rifle & Revolver

Enjoy adrenaline shooting with Heckler & Koch rifle
Model SL8 is a sporting rifle manufactured by Heckler & Koch
Hold the one of the most famous rifles ever made
Revolver is a standard weapon for nearly all uses

Shooting belongs to the most popular activities of every successful stag. If you need to bring some adrenaline to your weekend in Berlin then this is the right choice.

Just imagine yourself holding some good caliber of weapons as Heckler & Koch rifle and Revolver. So why not to show your mates your marksman's skills?


Dirty Harry Shooting Gun & Revolver

Try shooting from the revolver that gain its popularity by movie Dirty Harry
Pistol is a common target shooting  weapon
Glock is a popular handgun with pistol rifle
Shooting range offers an adrenaline experience with various guns

Make your childhood dream come true and get your hands on some serious machinery. Try out our shooting activity in Berlin and look forward to experience real man staff. Compete with your friends to make the best shot (finally outside the bar).

This is a top stag activity for your daytime entertainment full of adrenaline and fun so don't miss it!


Sightbeering Tour & Beers

You can enjoy company of beautiful barmaids in pubs
Visit the major trademark of the city
See the popular centre of Berlin
Berlin offers variety of tasty beers

Would you like to see some cultural sides of Berlin, but also have a fun? This is a tailor-made sightseeing that every stag group will appreciate. Let our guide takes you to the best pubs in town with some free beers for your group.

On your way you are gonna see famous places like Brandenburg gate or Potsdamer Platz. Is there any better way how to get to know the capital of all beers?


Micro Brewery Tour

Discover the places where one of the best beers is made
Professional Brewmaster will guide you through the micro brewery
Brewery offers a wide range of tasty beers
Tasting of beers during the tour is a must

Are you considering yourself as a beer lover? Then you cannot miss a tour to traditional German brewery.

Our professional 'Brewmaster' will show you the facilities of local brewery and of course what tour it would be without beer tasting. Visiting Berlin without seeing a places where the best beer is made doesn't even count.


Micro Brewery Pub Tour

Cozy pubs in Berlin will meet your expectations
Enjoy the tour in friendly atmosphere of Berlin's pubs
Visit of the traditional brewery pub without beermaids doesn''t count
Be prepared to taste different types of delicious beers

What about to change an ordinary pub tour to something more closer to beer lovers?

It's not a secret that Berlin represents the center of all best beer in the world. So take a chance and visit the original brewery pubs guided by our beautiful guide and enjoy some free beers to taste. Cheers!


Boat Cruise Sightseeing

Take a relaxing cruise around Berlin with splendid view

Every party needs a recover from hangover. Take a seat and relax on river boat with a perfect view of the city. You don't need to walk across the whole Berlin to see its beautiful sights. Do it in a comfort way and refresh yourself with good drink at the bar.

Gain some energy for the next night and enjoy the cruise on Spree-river. See you aboard!


Love Boat

Enjoy the company of gorgeous stripper during the Berlin cruise

Spend your after party day on aboard of Private Boat reserved exclusively for your group.

Even if the sun is not shining enough we prepare you a surprise that will make your cruise hot enough. This boat has a one more passenger - a sexy stripper who is going to take care of your entertainment during your sailing trip. What an idea for pleasurable afternoon in Berlin!


Beerhall Tour

Beerhalls are well-known part of the traditional side of Berlin
Interiors offer pleasant and domiciliary atmosphere
There is nothing better then chat with your friends with beer on hand
Another reason to visit the beerhall are cheerful beermaids

Where else should you feel the true side of beer culture than in Berlin? Follow our beautiful guide to local beerhalls and drink some free beers.

These places are remarkable for their enjoyable atmosphere, gorgeous beermaids in traditional costumes and of course for a variety of tasty beers. Just sit down and have a good time with mates.


Hofbräuhaus Berlin – Meal & Beer

During the summer you can enjoy cold beer on the terrace
Funny waitresses will take care of your comfort stay
German food and beer is a must-try of this tour
In the evening beerhall offers traditional live music

Would you like to spend a nice evening in German style? Just imagine huge mugs of beer and classic local dishes served right on your table.

Hofbräuhaus is one of the biggest beerhalls in Berlin welcoming number of locals and tourists every day offering authentic old fashioned atmosphere. Also with outdoor terrace and live folk band performance you can experience your own Oktoberfest.


Beer Bike

Take your mates on unique tour they will not forget

You don't need to walk around Berlin to see its major sights. We have a better solution how to do it in funnier way - take a beer bike.

Sit on your place and enjoy beautiful view of the city in VIP bar reserved just for the stag group. Your only concern is to choose who will be the bartender.


Brasilian Rodizio Meat Restaurant

Sexy senoritas will make your dinner even more interesting
You can try almost every type of meat, from beef to lamb
Enjoy Brazil's party culture in Berlin
Variety of food are waiting for you to try

Try out something really delicious and take your stag group on dinner which deserves real men. Rodizio is a Brazilian type of restaurant preparing the best meat and rich offer of dishes. Your table will be served with 10-course dinner to be sure that your group is satisfied.

Add some sexy senoritas taking care of your wishes and you can be in Brazil heaven.


Steak Meal & Beers

Steak dinner is the best idea before your night out

Every hard night deserves a good start, so why not to begin it with a portion of delicious meal in German style. Nothing sounds better like a steak with side order of fries and a cold pint.

Enjoy dinner in the company of friends and be sure that you will be leaving finger licking.


Conference Bike & Beers

Have fun with mates during your Berlin tour

Turn tedious sightseeing into an entertaining event and get on the conference bike. This smaller version of beer bike is a tailor-made for groups of 6 people and less. Drink beer in circle of friends and explore Berlin during your unique tour.

Everyone will try to be a driver so prepare for the priceless experience.


Beer Coach

Horse carriage is traditional touristic attraction in Berlin

Enjoy the best view of Berlin whilst you sitting and drinking cold beer. Horse carriage represents the most popular way how to explore culture of this city. We upgraded this experience for our stag groups adding a bar with 20 litres of beer to have a perfect chill out.

An unforgettable trip through the cultural centre of Berlin in old-fashioned style.


Hot Rod Tour

Your group will be guided by professional instructor
Visit places you cannot explore any other way
Berlin is even more interesting from the view of driver
This small cars will show you fun side of the sightseeing

Try out Berlin's hottest new tourist attraction - Hot Rod tour. These small racing cars are ready to show you the hidden places and also the popular sides of the capital of Germany.

Just imagine yourself zipping through the streets with wind in your hair in stylish vintage vehicle. Perfect adventure for your stag group you should to experience!


High Ropes Course in the Woods

Enjoy challenging environment  in treetops
Have adventurous afternoon with mates in Berlin
Some attractions require little bit more effort
You can encourage each other in achieving different parts

Experience a unique adventure in woods which requires a bit of courage. High ropes represent a combination of different parcours at a high level between trees. No worries, there is all safety equipment ready for the action.

If you dare to show your monkey skills, there is no better place for you to try it.


Bubble Football

Crazy afternoon game for your stag do
Make your stag do in Berlin unforgettable with perfect bubble football
Groom and his stag buddies playing bubble match in Berlin
Bouncing, knocking, jumping

Put on a Zorb-like transparent bubble and bounce into your rivals to capture the ball!

Does it sound too easy? It's definitely not! You always have to knock over your enemies to have an access to the ball!

Don't worry about landing on the ground - you can easily bounce back up onto your feet. Sometimes it may be hard, especially when you are laughing at your stag mates that look like a big running bubble.

Team up and enjoy a perfect active afternoon with Bubble Football - the latest attraction of Berlin!

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